Kinetic SBS-1 Support
 Feelthere Support
 IVAO DE Support
Waypoint/outline files
Select your regional map data for Basestation from a huge international library (add-on - requires SBS-1 and Basestation)
Monitor your SBS-1 range (add-on - requires SBS-1 and Basestation) [Dec 2006]
SRV30003 + SBSplotter
Adds a HTTP server to SBSplotter that maintains a flight table which can be output on request. Output request by web browser or individual applications. Several options to twealk data format (see README.TXT) [Feb 2010]
Simulate a Basestation socket for software development purposes
SBS Location Directory
Check for other SBS users in your vicinity
European Mode-S Directory
Check for active Mode-S radar heads in your vicinity