Multilateration (MLAT) Systems

Precision MLAT Flight Tracking with and without ADS-B

Precision, flexibility and reliability: Our MLAT system for professional real-time flight tracking scores with these advantages. The detection of position and speed using Mode-S signals of the transponders of civil, military and private aircraft achieves an accuracy of up to three to five meters – the most precise results can be achieved by installing at least 5 ADS-B receivers (sensors). The results are displayed on maps with customizable overlays on screens, mobile phones or tablets – or via interfaces in customer applications.

Jetvision’s MLAT system integrates calculated positions with ADS-B and FLARM data and, if desired, custom formats. This allows ADS-B positions to be verified. The system can bundle all signal sources (ADS-B, MLAT, FLARM) from the connected receivers, display them together and/or make them available via data interfaces identical in format to the Radarcape. The central web interface of the MLAT system is identical to that of a single Radarcape, has many specific additions and can be accessed by all common web browsers.

The high precision and reliability of the MLAT system is achieved by a combination of in-house hardware and software in which engineers and mathematicians have invested years of research and development work. For example, the Radarcape sensors are equipped with a GPS synchronous clock. It enables accuracy of the time stamps in the nanosecond range. MLAT observation of airspaces and ground traffic at airports is carried out with correspondingly high precision.

Manufactoring modification of the MLAT system

A high vertical range of manufacture not only ensures the high quality Made in Germany. It also allows the fast and detailed realization of customer wishes. In addition to classic data interfaces such as JSON, Port 30003 and ASTERIX, we also use interfaces exclusively programmed by our software engineers. Our experts also find ways of mastering difficult reception situations – for example by equipping the system with special antennas, 2 channel Radarcape (antenna diversity), Radarcape HDR (high dynamic range) or by bundling several receivers on our MLAT systems.

Long Term Documentation:
Database stores flight movements

The optional database of the MLAT system stores all real-time data from all sources (ADS-B, MLAT, FLARM) on a database server. The aircraft movements can be displayed on the map at any time – with variable playback speed and extensive filter functions. For example, events after aircraft accidents can be reconstructed or violations of airspace regulations can be proven. Very special is the static analysis of all flight movements of a definable time period.

Hosting and support of the MLAT server

Do you want to use the MLAT system but have as little to do with server operation as possible? We take care of hosting and support of your individual server (dedicated server) and guarantee reliable operation, even with redundancy.

Advantages of the MLAT system at a glance

  • Position determination and display of flying objects from three signal sources (ADS-B, Mode-S and FLARM)
  • MLAT calculation by Mode-S, Mode A/C and ADS-B up to approx. 3 to 5 meters accurate
  • Many data interfaces (e.g. JSON, Port 30003, Eurocontrol ASTERIX CAT 021, 023 und 247)
  • Personalization of the MLAT system on customer request
  • Optional database saves and documents all flight movements
  • Jetvision takes care of hosting and operation of a MLAT server (Dedicated Server) on request.

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